1. Kathy Hillis, Big Brother warrior [x]

  2. zooeydeschannoying:

    ginamarie is running her mouth saying that the game is rigged, i’m waiting for her to *mysteriously* get injured like she’s gonna be walking out of the hoh room alone and the feeds will cut to trivia and then they’ll resume and ginamarie will be laying on the ground at the foot of the stairs in a puddle of her own blood and up in the corner of the screen you’ll see grodner cackling like a witch as she scurries back into a hidden door upstairs

  3. blacknificent:

    MVP isn’t Most Valued Player

    it’s Most Valued by Producer

  4. godtiermeduka:

    Am I the only one who thinks Kaitlin looks a lot like Kristen Stewart?

  5. summer—holidaybb:

    Candice: “I love Jessie. She doesn’t know how beautiful she is. That’s whats so beautiful about her, I love her.”